About us

Hyun's Dojo is both an animation studio and a community forum focused on animation. We have taken root from a close group of independent animators to form a community website and now a small animation studio! Our team consists of 6 awesomely talented animators all with different specialties and talents. We strive to constantly raise the bar in our animations and to challenge ourselves every single day because we truly enjoy what we do. Our goal and passion is to make high quality animated content for both our clients and our audience!

The Team - Dojo Inhouse Animators

Eric "Hyun" Kwon (Owner / Animator)
Jomm Ghim (Animator / Friend maker)
Michael "Miccool" Sung (Effects Specialist)
Phillips "Terkoiz" Lacanlale (Animator)
Edwin "Ehlboy" Lee (Animator)

Who we have worked with